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Our journey with the love of balloons started in 2001 with a small balloon shop offering the 3 core business models in the balloon retail industry, walk-in sales, deliveries and event decorating. We continued to pursue our passion for balloons and became South Africa’s first ever Certified Balloon Artists – CBA’s after some extensive training in Los Angles, USA. We used our new skills to grow our business into a thriving balloon business and found a need for what we today produce Balloon Oomf, a safe, non-toxic balloon flight extending solution.

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By adding Balloon Oomf Flight Extender to your balloon decor, you can be sure that your balloon creations will stand the test of time. Your balloons will float longer than ever before, giving your customers something to talk about with Balloon Oomf Flight Extender.

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Balloon Oomf is an easy way to increase your bottom line. It is a wonderful upsell product that will soon make your balloon sales look great. Customers will be back because your balloons last and look great for longer.

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Balloon Oomf is easy to use and works great as an add on in the following stores: Balloon stores, Party stores, Event companies, Promotional companies, Balloon printers, Balloon wholesalers, Marketing departments, Grocery stores, Floral distributors etc.

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